*new post* If tomorrow never comes…

When is school next mummy?

Tomorrow. (Thank god)

Oh ok. When will it be tomorrow? 

It’ll be tomorrow tomorrow.

What’s today then? Will it be today tomorrow? 

 Er, today’s today. Right now. It’ll be tomorrow tomorrow. But then yes, I suppose it will be today, but tomorrow’s today. Which hasn’t happened yet.      

Oh. Well when’s yesterday then? 

Yesterday was, well, yesterday. That already happened. Yesterday won’t happen again.

So then yesterday is now today?             


But you said it will be today tomorrow. And then today will be yesterday. Which you said won’t happen again. Why are you lying? You told me it’s not nice to tell lies. *glares in accusing manner*

No I’m not *brain hurts*…er…I’m not lying…*squeeze eyes shut in concentration* It will be. When we get to tomorrow, it’ll be today, and then today will be yesterday. It happens every day.

So then why isn’t today tomorrow now?         

It will be tomorrow. Tomorrow. But we have to do today first. Then tomorrow it’ll be today. And today, like right now, *jabs finger in the direction of the floor as if this will help* today will be yesterday.

*shrugs and picks nose* Huh. Ok. Can I have a biscuit? 

For all you catch-22 fans out there, I was distinctly reminded of crab apples and horse chestnuts.🍏 I don’t know why anyone ever says they need adult conversation when you get this kind of chat from a (nearly) 5 year old 😊


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