Sort yourself out, Pat

Watching Postman pat on a slow Sunday afternoon (Peppa Pig’s ‘gone on holiday’ so unfortunately we can’t watch that, everyone’s devastated) and I can’t help but feel that Pat really is the worst postman I’ve ever seen in my life.
He regularly just takes and uses the items he is delivering, with a clear disregard for the fact they belong to someone else, often breaking them in the process. If he’s not doing that, he’s losing packages left, right and center. He usually manages to find them again, but this takes at least his entire shift, sometimes longer.
He has an official helicopter and all he uses it for is to hang stuff off (which invariably is not secured properly so it falls off at great heights; he’s lucky he hasn’t killed Mrs Goggins or anyone else). Not only is this breathtakingly dangerous, it’s such a waste of Royal Mail’s (rather extravagant) resources, and leaves an enormous carbon footprint, so he’s laughing in the face of climate change too. *what an asshole*
And then if he’s not doing all of that, he’s breaking every speed limit going on his quad bike, going off road and trespassing on others’ land to make his ‘special deliveries’ – which let’s face facts – are probably just drugs hidden cleverly in his packages as they are always so exotic – so not only is he a shit postman, he’s likely a drug mule as well. 
Royal Mail really need to take a good look at themselves and hire someone else. It’s a disgrace, it really is 😐

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4 thoughts on “Sort yourself out, Pat

  1. YAY!!! Comment link’s there now 😉
    I must say, my website is WordPress and I don’t find it the most intuitive to use……
    Keep making us chuckle….. so glad my two have grown up and left home LOL!!


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