The rules of Dragon are simple. Run away from the Dragon as quick as you can. If you get caught, you get eaten and are the loser (and nobody likes being the loser.) During a particularly rousing game at the park (apologies if you heard the screams, I was just encouraging them to get some fresh air and excersize, not murdering them) Beast 1 was in danger of being caught and eaten by the Dragon (mummy), having slowed down considerably after lap 560 – the game lasted quite a while – so facing imminent doom, backed into a corner against the fence, escape options running out, self preservation clearly kicked in as he shrieked (somewhat hysterically) ‘take Oscar, Dragon, take him! You don’t want me!! He’s even covered in sugar so he tastes MUCH nicer!’ To which Beast 2 responds by yelling ‘I’m here mummy! HERE!’ *throws himself in front of Jasper dramatically* 
I don’t think Oscar quite understands the game just yet 😅

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