Superman – the dangers

Considering Beast number 2’s nickname since birth has been ‘moist’, because of the astounding amount of drool he produces, a simple game of superman poses a very real danger to the parent involved. 

Whilst enjoying said game on an otherwise unremarkable Saturday afternoon, the risk became a reality when, due to being so thrilled at his elevated position, Oscar laughed wildly, causing a rather generous glob of dribble to drop in a vertical direction right into mummy’s mouth. He then found this so funny that before he could be lowered, he laughed a bit harder and another, even larger glob, due to its increased velocity, then landed squarely in mummy’s eye. 

After being hastily bought back down to the ground, noticing mummy trying to wipe the spit out of her eye and attempting not to vom while she’s at it, he thoughtfully said ‘awww, Oscar help mummy’ and then gave it a good poke whist smacking a chubby little hand over the offending area 😣😷. I think I’ll just get the play doh out now 

#thestruggleisreal 💦💧

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