Never lie about pesto

So karmic retribution strikes again. After telling my children that the delicious, green, homemade sauce was pesto – and feeling very smug about the whole thing *winning* – Beast 1 got half way through and realised, not being the idiot that I clearly took him for, that it was in fact broccoli bended up with pasta water and not nearly as delicious as real pesto. So as not to risk ingesting even a mouthful of broccoli, he decided to use his uncanny ability to vomit at a moment’s notice (it really is rather impressive), and promptly expelled it all back onto the plate, floor and all over the table. He then shook his head at me and said calmly: ‘silly mummy, that wasn’t pesto! Shall I get the wipes for you?’

That’ll teach me not to tell fibs again 😷😱 



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