In an effort to forget about The Cold of Doom currently invading the Patterson house, one mummy and two beasts decided that we would have a baking, eating and Disney film day.

 Jasper declared that he would like to make a cherry cake, so a trip to Tesco with both small boys under mummy’s sole charge was required *shudders – it’s bad enough when you’re 100% healthy, let alone when you feel like you could actually die of cold and are supposed to be on a diet so you can’t even eat any of the stupid cake.*

Not wishing to disappoint my little angels, off we go, only to find that Tesco has no glacé cherries. Cue SPTIS (significant public tantrum initiation sequence) from Beast 1: lip sticks out, hands on hips, volume increases, feet about to stamp, other shoppers busily adjusting their Judgy Pants and hopping onto their high horses ready to pronounce me unfit to parent, shaking heads in disgust. 

Luckily, the helpful Tesco lady, sensing imminent armageddon, starts what can only be described as a cherry EXPEDITION around the store for us. So under the beady gaze of a small beast on the brink, 3 members of staff, online stock check & lots of discussion later, (with Oscar yelling all the while that he wants to GET OUT OF THE TROLLEY NOW, MUMMY, NOW) we end up with two jars of cocktail cherries, which hopefully should work just as well (it’s a shame I don’t have the alcohol to go with those cherries). 

Disaster averted we finish our shopping with no further issues or comments about my (lively, rather badly behaved) children  or my (somewhat poor) parenting skills. And £56 lighter I might add, so this better be a bloody good cake.

Thanks Tesco! 🍰☺️

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