Old post – Christmas wishes

With only a few days to Christmas I thought I better check in with Jasper about any urgent present requests. The conversation went like this:
‘Is there anything you really want Father Christmas to bring for you Jasper?’
(Thinks for a few moments) Erm… Well I’d really like a wall of my own mummy’
‘A wall?’
‘Yes. With some plug sockets. Ones I’m allowed to play with, and some electricity in it.’
‘Ok, (nods seriously) right, anything else?’
‘Some batteries. Lots of batteries. And some lightning.’
‘What, like lightning from the sky?’
‘Yes. Some of that would be super.’
‘I’m sensing a theme here Jasper, anything else?’
‘Yes, one of those glass things that hangs from the ceiling. That has electricity in it.’
‘A light bulb?’
‘yes. One of those please. I’ll be ever so happy if Father Christmas could bring me some electricity.’
(Mummy wonders wildly how to deal with this very peculiar conversation)
‘Erm, well I’m not sure Father Christmas is in the electricity business Jasper, I think he mostly does toys. Would some toys be ok?’
(Thinks again for a moment)
‘yes. But only if they are toys with batteries. And he gives me a screwdriver so I can get the batteries out.’
‘Right, er ok then (laughs nervously and looks around quickly) I’ll see what Father Christmas can do….
*Mummy slowly backs out of room and heads for the wine*🍷🎁🎄

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