Old post – Christmas extravagance?

Whilst wrapping a mountain of Christmas presents for two small boys (who will probably be most interested in the £1 fart putty intended for their stockings) I surveyed the excessive amount of gifts and worried that perhaps we’d overspent just a smidge, and spoiled our precious little beasts.

Then I started watching ‘world’s most expensive christmas’ and now not only do I feel like a pauper, I also feel like a cheap, dirty, nasty, common swine who thinks it’s acceptable to purchase crackers from morrisons and sometimes re-use wrapping paper if it’s not suspiciously wrinkled.

So with this in mind I’m off to eat some food out of other people’s bins and sob quietly to myself while I’m at it, while the subjects of that program go ahead and wipe their bums with £50 notes. 💷🎁😐

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